Audio Visual and Multimedia

This section contains DVDs, CDs, video and audio cassettes, discs for communication, skill development, aptitude etc.

This section also provides the following Television Channels which telecast video lectures for higher education.

Eklavya is a 24 hour television channel, a joint initiative of IITs and IGNOU and is catalyzed by Ministry of Human Resource Development, dedicated to technical education and runs programmes generated at different IITs. The channel is designed to carry video courses in different disciplines generated at various IITs on weekdays and special interest programmes on Sundays.
Click here to download the transmission schedule.

Gyan Dharshan Television
DD-Gyandharshan is an exclusive Educational television channel of India. IGNOU, Ministry of Human Resources Development and Prasar Bharti started it in January 2000. This channel provides a blend of core curriculum based programmes in the areas of primary, secondary, higher, open and distance, technical and vocational education and courses for disadvantaged sections of India.
Gyandarshan-I beams round the clock programmes acquired from UGC, National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT), Central Institute for Educational Technology, State Institute of Research and Training and IGNOU.
Education Media Research Centres (EMRC) and Audio Visual Research Centres at different places of the country produce programmes for University Students.
The programmes includes on career guidance, computer education, preparation for competitive exams, edutainment, arts, culture, tourism and other developmental themes, and an educational current affairs programme.Broadcasts one interactive hour daily in which teachers and experts clarify issues for listeners through telephone contact.
The programmes are telecasted on Gyandharshan from 6.00 a.m. to midnight.

Some Publicly Available Resources (Require no log-in)
Provides themed collections of radio and television programmes since the 1930s, e.g. the work of Francis Bacon or the history of the Suffragette movement
This includes live news but also recent news stories from the BBC website. It's also possible to search the website for a topic and limit the results to audio or visual material
Featuring collections of contemporary and classic films. Most are paid-for, but some are free
Includes 120 short documentaries from the 1940s, designed to show the world how Britain lived, worked and played
Features 90000 historic news clips on entertainment, fashion, music, politics, sport and more
Contains 1200 websites on moving image and sound, divided by subject
This website contains over 6000 films showing life during the British Empire
A website for artists, features artist film and video clips 
This is a guide to UK film and television archives in the public sector, including over 100 clips on various themes such as arts and culture, leisure, rural life and more
Featuring complete public information films between 1945-2006
A non-proft project showcasing interesting out of copyright works available online
This website is the definitive guide to British film and television history and includes clips